Environmental Health Special Lecture

1. Overview

Environmental health is one of the core curriculums in the Master of Public Health programs (currently we don't have MPH course in Kobe University, it is planned in the future). It is very important to understand the human health and survival in relation to their environmental conditions, any of physical, chemical, biological. This lecture outlines the relationships between human health and environmental factors and discuss them. The items shown below are not fully covered, but at least outlined.

2. Plan

The lecture is done in the second semester on Thursday, 14:40-16:10 at GSICS 206.

Note: We don't have a class on 17th October 2013, due to ICHS intensive course at Myodani Campus.

3. Evaluation

Based on presentation, discussion, and report.

4. Reference

Frumkin H [Ed.] (2010) Environmental Health: From Global to Local, 2nd Ed. Jossey-Bass, John Wiley and Sons.

5. Office hour

For the students of the Graduate School of Health Sciences, Tuesday, 18:00-18:30, at Myodani campus E707. For the students of GSICS, Thusday, 16:40-18:00 at Frontier Building Room 717. Taking appointment is recommended.

6. Message to the students

Done in English.

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