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Special lecture on advanced statistics and laboratory data analysis

Last update: July 26, 2015 (Sun)

1. Overview

Relatively advanced statistical methods or laboratory data processing methods in the field of medical and health science will be given, using statistical software and sample data. The participants are expected to get the ability to apply such advanced methods to their own data.

2. Schedule

This class is held as very short summer school, e.g., 3 days from Friday afternoon to Sunday evening.

  1. Review of perspective of statistical analysis based on the type of data and research purpose. (July 30, 1st time slot)
  2. Preparatory data manipulation methods using R (July 30, 2nd time slot)
  3. Visual inspection techniques using R: How to make intuitive graphs from raw data (July 30, 3rd to 4th time slots)
  4. Factor analysis (July 30, 5th to 6th time slots)
  5. Structural Equation Modeling (July 31, 1st to 2nd time slots)
  6. Applied regression analysis (nonlinear and multivariate regression, multilevel models) (July 31, 3rd to 5th time slots)
  7. Laboratory data analysis (1): electrophoresis data analysis, Assoc. Prof. Komai (July 31, 6th time slot)
  8. Laboratory data analysis (2): Omics and genome data analysis, Dr. Sumida (August 1, 10:00-)

3. Evaluation

Based on the report, how well the participant understand the given methods will be evaluated.

Report theme: Select any one topic in this class, find an appropriate data and analyze it, then make report. Length is not fixed. Write your name and registration number in the report, send it as a pdf file, attached to e-mail to Prof. Nakazawa. Deadline is August 18.

4. Request as preparation

This class will be held as a very short summer school. The textbook will be provided in advance, the participants should read it before the class. Bringing your own laptop computer is recommended.



5. Office hour

Please send e-mail to minato-nakazawa[atmark]people.kobe-u.ac.jp. Even if you need a direct consultation by Professors, please send e-mail first.

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