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Evidence-based Health Care Special Lecture I

[http://minato.sip21c.org/ebhc.html] Latest update: 26 July 2016 (Tue)

Archives: 2015, 2014, 2013, 2012

1. Aims of the lecture

For properly conducting health related research, basic knowledge of research design and statistics will be given.

In principle, the lecture is done in Japanese. Foreign students may ask the lecturer individually if necessary.

The text written in Japaneses [pdf format], latest version is on 26th July 2016 is freely available (Comments are welcome).

Caution! There is no lecture on May 11, June 1, July 6. In addition, lectures by Assoc. Prof. Komai and guest lecturer Dr. Sumida will be given as an intensive course later. Please check the notice board in the Myodani campus.

2. Program

  1. The very basics of health research (Apr 6)
  2. Basic terms in health/epidemiologic research (Apr 13)
  3. Sample size issues (Apr 20)
  4. Research design (mostly experimental study design) (April 27) [A review paper pdf for crossover design]
  5. Data entry, missing data, graphical check (May 18)
  6. Hypothesis testing, SD and SE. Test of the location difference (May 25)
  7. Test of proportion difference, Cross tabulation and its analysis, ANOVA (June 8)
  8. Multiple comparison and Correlation (June 15)
  9. Regression and its application: Analysis of Covariance and Logistic Regression (June 22, additional handout (in Japanese))
  10. Repeated measurement: Comparison of location parameters among 3 or more groups with corresponding data / Evaluation of performances of diagnostic testing: ROC, Kappa statistics, and Bland-Altman plot (June 29)
  11. Survival analysis (ref. in Japanese) and the method to summarize systematic review: meta-analysis (July 13)
    Example of meta-analysis: Is sperm concentration decreasing over the world?
  12. Mini test (July 20, Questions (in Japanese)CSample answer (in Japanese)CR code)
  13. Geographic information data analysis and spatial epidemiology (July 27, Special Lecture given by Dr. Susumu Tanimura)
  14. The analysis of the data in experiments (1): Analysis of electrophoresis data, given by Assoc. Prof. Koichiro Komai (July 29, 18:30-20:00 at E802)
  15. The analysis of the data in experiments (2): Omics and Genome-data analysis by the Special Lecturer, Dr. Kayo Sumita from Sumitomo-Kagaku (July 30, 10:00-12:00 at E802)

3. Evaluation

Based on the mini-reports and mini-test.


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