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Public Health | Human Ecology | Demography/Population Studies
Job titles
Professor, Division of Global Health, Department of Public Health, Kobe University Graduate School of Health Sciences (since April 1, 2018, due to reform of the Kobe University Graduate School of Health Sciences)
Professor, Kobe University Graduate School of International Cooperation Studies (collateral, since April 1, 2012)
Member of the Asia and Oceania Division, Institute for International Partnerships, Kobe University
Special Cooperative Researcher, Research Center for Urban Safety and Security, Kobe University
Member of the Committee for Foreign Students, Kobe University
Steering Committee Member of the Educational Program of Current Japan, Kobe University
Member of the Network Security, Kobe University
Network Manager of the Graduate School of Health Sciences (Myodani Campus)
Project Member, Sustainable Community Development Project for Reducing Poverty, Kobe University [web]
Editorial Committee Member, "Journal of Populaion Problems" (Official Journal of IPSS)
Guest Lecturer in Yamanashi University
Guest Lecturer in Nagasaki Prefectural University
Room E707, Graduate School of Health Sciences (Mon-Wed, Fri, Sat), Frontier Building Rokkodai Campus (Thu)

Note: I have at least triple workload than others (Professors at 2 graduate schools and Network manager at Myodani campus), but the salary is just same as others.

Brief Autobiography

I was born in 1964, at Itabashi-ku, Tokyo, Japan. When I was 6th grade student of elementary school, I read the bestseller book "Combined Pollution", to be strongly impressed as "Unless I will study the interaction among complex material cycle, biome, biological and physical environment, the future of the earth is in at risk!" And I determined my destination to the researcher who can contribute to the solution of environmental problems across the disciplines of ecology, environmental science, and social sciences (for that purpose, I still act in some voluntary communities like Bluesky mailing list to solve the actual problems.

Profile of Minato Nakazawa in Solomon Islands

After the enrollment to the Physical Science - Type 2, the University of Tokyo, I mainly devoted myself to physical training in the Softball club during 2 years in Komaba campus, which contributed to improvement of physical ability. After the advance to the School of Health Science, I changed my attitute to academic activity and almost always stayed in the Department of Human Ecology. Professor Tsuguyoshi Suzuki (who became Emeritus Professor later, and passed away on 25 May 2008, though he was as young as 76 years old) supervised me about the graduation thesis and taught the interesting aspects and difficulty of the study. I still remember his proverb, "The graduation thesis will be successful if you realize how much you are stupid." In the beginning of my research life, I mainly did the laboratory work and a theoretical work about mathematical demography. But when I was second grade student of master course, I fortunately joined the fieldwork in Papua New Guinea. After that, I established my research style based on the three stems, fieldwork, labo-work and theoretical work. In the end of second grade student of doctor course, I was employed by the University of Tokyo as a research associate, under the new professor Ryutaro Ohtsuka after the retirement of Prof. Suzuki. I have worked for 10 years as the research associate of the Department of Human Ecology, Graduate School of International Health, the University of Tokyo.

On 1st April 2002, I started to work as the Associate Professor of Public Health and Nursing and Health Informatics in the School of Nursing, Yamaguchi Prefectural University. After 2 years in Yamaguchi, I moved to the Department of Public Health, Graduate School of Medical Sciences, Gunma University, as the Associate Professor on 1st April 2004. I moved to Department of Internnational Health, Kobe University Graduate School of Health Sciences, as Professor on 1st April 2012. It has continued until now. Current major research location is Solomon Islands.

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Minato Nakazawa, Ph.D. <minato-nakazawa[atmark]people.kobe-u.ac.jp>
Kobe University Graduate School of Health Sciences,
Phone/FAX +81-78-796-4551

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