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Lectures at Kobe University, 1st Semester 2019

CourseStudentsRoomDay and TimeMisc.
International infectious diseases (ref)MT4F306Monday, 3, 4Responsible professor is Prof. Kameoka
Infectious diseases study special lecture (handout, SIR model R code)Master GSHSE802Mon, 6Organized by Assoc. Prof. Iriko, Nakazawa's turn is 15th April.
Environment, Food and Industrial HygieneMT2B202Monday, 4Partly done by Assoc. Prof. Iriko
International Information SearchMT4B202Tue, 1Introduction to "How to do review work"
Health administrationNs 2, MT, PT, OT 3D201Tue, 2
Health statistics special lecture (ref(J))M1 (public health nurse course)E701Tuesday, 4Taking a part
Disaster health (taking in part (handout in Japanese), R code)Ns 2, MT, PT, OT 3D201Wed, 3Organized by Prof. Izumi
Health Sciences Common Special Lecture IV, VIII (ref)All GSHS graduate studentsD101Wednesday, 6Partly done by Guest Lecturer Dr. Tokuhara and Dr. Tanimura.
Public health special lecture I, II (ref)All GSHS, GSICSGSICS206Thursday, 1-2Together with GSICS students
Demography Special Lecture I, II (ref)
All GSHS, GSICSGSICS206Thursday, 3Together with GSICS students
Medical Anthropology Special Lecture I, II (ref)
Medical Anthropology
All GSHS, GSICSGSICS Presentation RoomThursday, 4Together with GSICS students
Medical health statistics and epidemiology special lecture II (ref (in Japanese))All doctoral GSHSE802, (+E803)(Intensive)Assoc. Prof. Koichiro Komai takes part of the lecture. This class will be held as very short summer school for the 3 days.
Public Health (School of Medicine)Undergrad. Med.2nd Lecture Hall, Kusunoki CampusMay 10, 2019, 3 (13:20-14:20)"Epidemiologic Transition and Double Burden under Globalizaion" (in Japanese)
Basic Informatics (taking a part)All 1Tsurukabuto CampusMay 15, 2019Security in network society (in Japanese)

* Rooms may change.

Lectures at Kobe University, 2nd Semester 2019

CourseStudentsRoomDay and TimeMisc.
International health (ref(J)All 2D201Monday, 1Taking in part
Information analysis of medical technologyMT4D201Monday, 1-2Taking in part (handout in Japanese, ROC calculation worksheet in Japanese)
Public healthN2B201Monday, 3
Practice of public health (ref in Japanese)MT2F306, E503, E701, E702, etc.Tuesday, 4-5Supported by TAs and Assistant Professor Utsubo
Public Health Seminar I, II (ref)All GSHS, GSICSGSICS206Thursday, 1-2Together with GSICS students
Epidemiology Special Lecture I, II(ref)All GSHS, GSICS
GSICS206Thursday, 3Together with GSICS students
Environmental Health Special Lecture I, II (ref)
Environmental Health
All GSHS, GSICSGSICS Presentation RoomThursday, 4Together with GSICS students
Risk Beyond BordersAll graduate schoolsGraduate school of humanitiesFriday, 3Taking in part, handout of "Fight against PHEIC including (r)emerging infectious diseases"

* Rooms may change.

Lectures in other Universities

Guest lecture in Hokkado University
International Health
Guest lecture in the University of Tokyo
Demography (1) Birth: presentation 2003 [pdf] [J], presentation 2004 [pdf] [J], handout 2004 [pdf] [J]
Demography (2) Disease: Disease and Population [J]
Demography (3) Mathematical Models: Mathematical Demography [J]
Demography (4) Death: handout (modified) 2009 [pdf] [J]
Environmental Health (1) Environmental Risk Assessment and Management: presentation [pdf] [J] | handout (2009) [pdf] [J]
Environmental Health (2) Adaptation to Disease with special reference to malaria: handout [pdf] [J]
handout for both (1) and (2) in 2014


Disappeared classes in Kobe University

Gunma University

TCUE lecture when I was the a research associate at the Univ. Tokyo

social research [J] | social statistics [J] | ecology [J]

YPU lecture: Statistics [J] | Public Health [J] | Nursing Informatics [J] | Epidemiology [J] | Advanced Epidemiology [J]

Handouts for lecture/seminar

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